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The eCorinthian
(Rolando/College Area)

This 1,500-square-foot single-family home exemplifies sustainability, especially around energy and water. The owners purchased the house as a flip in 2015 and have been continuously making sustainable improvements ever since. The lush, green lawn installed in the peak of the drought was ripped out and replaced with an award-winning, drought-tolerant landscape that provides habitat to pollinators. Vermicompost systems (above and in ground) provide nutrients to vegetable and fruit gardens. The home is now all-electric and on track to be Net Zero Energy, supplied by a 6.5 kW solar array that also powers electric vehicles.  An electric heat pump water heater provides domestic hot water. Cool exhausted air is diverted to either the occupied area or attic, based on cooling needs, while the condensate waters a planter bed. The home also has a whole house fan, central heat pump, Solatube, and induction range.

Photo Credit: Tom Abram

This home is sponsored by Stellar Solar!

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