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Paradise Creek

(National City)

Paradise Creek is a 10.27-acre, infill, transit-oriented, affordable housing development by Community Housing Works, composed of 201 affordable apartments and a 3.9-acre public park. The creek-side park incorporates both active play areas and a passive, permeable walking path and a community garden promoting sustainable food habits and community interaction. The mixed-use development is two blocks from the underutilized 24th Street Trolley Station/Metropolitan Transit System bus hub. The pedestrian-oriented and bicycle-friendly design makes numerous enhancements and new connections between the housing, public park, surrounding westside neighborhood and the trolley station/bus hub. The development is located on city-owned, contaminated (brownfield) land that was previously used for private bus and city public works maintenance and storage. Environmental remediation has occurred. The State of California Sustainable Communities Program awarded Paradise Creek a Silver Catalyst designation and grant to assist with its infill, transit-oriented and pedestrian-friendly design and construction. The development has also earned LEED for Homes Gold and LEED for Neighborhood Development Certification.

Photo Credit: Community HousingWorks

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