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(North Park)

Prior to construction, the property featured a main single family 1920's home, a 400 square foot granny flat, and a detached garage lining the alleyway. Construction included demolition of the garage and in replacement, a detached 2-story eco-friendly duplex with a patio and deck. Each 1 br/1ba unit is now rented and provides a healthy space tenants to enjoy while providing the owners passive income. The owners used many sustainable building practices to reduce the daily energy usage of these units close to the point of a passive house. Some features that lend to this extreme energy efficiency include: advanced framing, external insulation, tightly sealed building envelope, continuous air barrier, multiple heat pump technology appliances, passive building orientation, and 4.1 kW solar PV system. The units have a continuous supply of fresh air via energy recovery ventilators (ERVs). The site also features rainwater barrels (50 gallons x 4), edible ground covers, edible trees and vines, traditional composting and vermicompost, and drip irrigation. This site is also a pickup site for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), in which CSA community members share locally-produced food.

Photo credit: Ronn and Lauren Gruer

This home is sponsored by Neocharge!

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