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Murph Zero

(La Jolla)

This new single-family home with accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is seeking LEED Certification and also the rigorous Zero Energy Certification through the International Living Futures Institute (ILFI). This project is designed as a high-performance, multi-generational home using energy, water, and human health sustainability strategies. All domestic hot water, HVAC, and kitchen cooking systems for both buildings, as well as support for DC-fast charging of two electric vehicles are powered by a 14kW solar PV array and supported by a 14 kW Sonin home battery system. This is the first project in the City of San Diego to permit, install and operate an NSF-350-compliant greywater treatment to the toilet-flushing and irrigation systems. Additionally, all plumbing fixtures in the project are EPA Water Sense compliant. The building has implemented a natural ventilation and daylight strategy throughout to minimize the use of HVAC system and electric lighting and support a passive design approach to Zero Net Energy. 

Photo Credit: Studio Verde

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