Sustainability on a Budget
(City Heights)

** This location is outdoor only

Sustainability on a Budget is an inspirational example of how to sustainably retrofit a home through creativity, collaboration with various nonprofits, and a limited budget. The front yard serves as neighborhood education and conversation. The owner, Wendy, works with the local collective Food2Soil to run a neighborhood compost hub in the front yard for waste reduction and soil improvement. Nutrient-rich soil supports the flourishing garden and native landscaping, which fosters a biodiverse habitat for birds and insects. The landscaping is irrigated by greywater from the laundry and shower as well as a 1,000 gallon rainwater tank, purchased in part using a rebate from SD Water Rebate. Aside from the sustainable garden, this 1945 home features solar power by Grid Alternatives and community-centric aspects such as walk/bikeability, supporting community events such as canyon cleanups, and shared garden space for neighbors.

Photo Credit: Wendy Miller