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Brody Dome Home

(Point Loma)

This custom single-family home has earned LEED Platinum certification, with a dome shape and semi-loft design that reduced building materials for walls. Eco-friendly features include light-gauge steel framing that is 60% recycled and recyclable; slab and footings made with locally produced concrete mix with 40% fly-ash (from coal-burning power plants) as a substitute for Portland cement; and windows with pultruded fiberglass frames with double panes for highest efficiency. Urethane foam was used over exterior sheathing and between studs on the interior to create R-30 insulation over the entire dome. The old concrete driveway was cut up to provide pavers for the new patio decks and walk-ways. Alternative materials were used for cabinets, counters and tabletops, including wheat board, bamboo and Paperstone (recycled paper/walnut shell derived phenolic]). Recycled plastic lumber (HDPE) was used for fencing, shower surrounds and raised planter beds. Recycled glass tile was used for the shower pan, entry, kitchen back-splash and counter accents. The home also features radiant floor space heating using solar heated water, a 4.0 kw photovoltaic utility intertie system, grey-water and rainwater systems for landscape/permaculture irrigation and skylights for natural daylighting. 

Photo Credit: Hal Brody

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